The farmers at Klamath Basin Fresh Organics selectively chose the AmaRosa namely for its gorgeous color, outstanding culinary properties, and nutrition value. AmaRosa is the 6th unique variety to join the KBFO family of organic fingerlings. It is a non-GMO variety and has been carefully bred to enhance all the unique qualities found in a colorful fingerling potato including size, uniform color, vitamin and mineral content, and cooking properties.

The AmaRosa is a mid-season fingerling specialty potato. They have smooth bright red skin, and deep red flesh throughout. These sweet and creamy nutritious fingerlings are ideal for baking, roasting, and grilling. AmaRosa potatoes also make mouth-watering, intensely colorful potato chips as they retain their sweetness and uniform bright red color. This is unlike many colored potato varieties that turn brown when fried and taste burnt.

Organic AmaRosa potatoes are hand-selected for superb quality. We select for small to medium, firm, oblong-shaped, defect-free potatoes. They are kept best if stored in a cool, dark, well-ventilated area. We use special packaging, #1.5, that allows the potatoes to breathe freely while also protecting them from light, keeping them as fresh as possible from packing to retail. To preserve the nutrients and allow maximum taste complexity in these wonderfully healthy treats, leave the skins on and scrub gently in water using only your fingers.

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